Learn How You Fail

For this week’s blog I have read the “Learn How You Fail” article of the textbook. The context of this chapter is failure is inevitable, how will I learn from my failures to prevent them in the future? The context set up for the problem is that we learn from our successes and we are successful because of our successes but we also still suffer from our weaknesses and our weaknesses lead to failures.  This rings true with me as I understand that I do not know everything there is to know about software and software development. How I view this is to learn from my failures and learn how to prevent them in the future. I understand that I will fail eventually, as I do not know everything. I understand that I also will learn from the mistakes I have made and the failures I have encountered and I will lean how to prevent them in the future so that I will never have to see the same failure twice in my career. The solution that the textbook is proposing for this is try to identify your failures or areas that your fail before you do fail. Being a self preventative at failing will help myself not encounter failure as much in my future. One point that I really enjoyed was learn what trips you up and become conscious of it. This is a great way to prevent failure because if you encounter or something or know you will soon encounter something that often tends to get you to trip up, hopefully if you realize that is coming down the line you will have ample time to correct the issue before it becomes an actual issue that will result in failure. If you are able to avoid this failure, then you can consider yourself successful. And as we learned earlier, we learn from our successes and we are successful because of them. When we avoid failure we can consider it a success. We need to understand that we cannot become crippled or frustrated by our fear of failure. We have to understand where we fail and learn how to stop ourselves from failure instead of fearing it until it strikes. I have learned a lot from this article and I hope to avoid failure in the future by using the skills I have learned here.


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