Sprint 2

This week finishes up sprint 2 of our senior software development capstone project. In this sprint we accomplished quite a bit. The most important advancement that we made in this sprint is getting specifications from our product owner as to what we need to do for them. At the begining of this sprint cycle we were able to meet with a representative from the food pantry, Serena. Serena was able to tell us more about the food pantry and what they are doing as well as what they would like to see as a product from us. One of the biggest takeaways from this meeting was to realize that the main objective for us is to assist the food pantry in their quest to transfer all their business and business operations from paper to digital. One of the largest problems we realized off the bat is that the food pantry does everything from data storage to daily operation by paper. We know as software developers that this physical paper way of doing things is very inefficient and can be vulnerable to human error (totaling numbers in wrong columns, incorrect data input, etc). Our thought was to help them by making software to help them transfer to digital and also do some automation for them so that they can avoid any possible human error. However, we as the software development team are not here to tell the food pantry owners what they should be asking for. There is a fine line that a software developer working with a product owner where you should suggest what you think you should develop for them that may be helpful while also staying within their guidelines. The biggest issue here is that the food pantry representatives do not have a definitive set of product guidelines and rather are open to any ideas we may have for them, as they currently are 100% paper and are looking for any help to go digital in a way that is useful to them. I enjoyed this part of the sprint because I got to interact with the people on the other end where we can talk about what we need to do and what we would like to do. After our meeting with the product owners we were able to start on our project. One of the group members started working on back-end development and was able to deploy a gitlab project for it. I started working on a front end HTML mockup of our worker client screen. Another member of the group worked on finding out how to parse a json file using gson. After our most recent sprint meeting we decided on tasks that we’ll start doing for the new sprint. More front end development will be done this sprint. This will be taken on by myself and another few team members. I specifically will be working on CSS stylesheets for our project. The other members will begin writing a Java program to connect our project to a database. In sprint 2 I learned a lot about project management and working with product owners.


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